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About Orange Sky Adventures

We're young and free and so are you — why not go on a road trip with friends?

Orange Sky Adventures is a company born to show you the cool spots of America; your ticket to real American culture, not only the major cities. Places and spots other websites, along with TripAdvisor, just can’t show you.

We show you America as we would a good friend.

Yosemite Camping Trip Campsite Selfie

ALL of your camping equipment is provided — your tent, a pillow, sleeping bag, sleeping pad — everything.

The point is for you to see the sights the best way possible, without the need to a pay small fee, research, or rent or buy your own camping supplies.

Have you ever pitched a tent before? No? That’s okay. We’ll show you all you need to know to set up camp, throw wood on the fire, toast your marshmallow and unplug in nature.

French Toast All-Inclusive Camp Meal

You want budget travel and we understand that — it’s a guiding principle when you travel. But you want a good time and authenticity, too, with quality friends and food.

We grill steaks over the open campfire, dice our own salads and make our own sandwiches for hikes, plus cheese and crackers for downtime.
Come along + come hungry and you’ll be fine — even you vegetarians.

Orange Sky Small Group Tour from SF

Comfort is important. Our trips are designed so you can lie back on Buddy’s pillows and enjoy the sights around you.

We travel with space, not crammed together, bursting at the seams like an overstuffed suitcase.

Yosemite Tour from San Francisco

Our groups are small — like an American road trip.

It’s simple. We form new friendships, see each other’s differences and start a heated game of Uno around the campfire from time to time. Like a good crew of friends, we may have our ups and downs, yet are better off in the end.

Orange Sky Adventures may be a tiny tour company based in San Francisco — but we do America right.

Meet Our Leaders

Dylan Orange Sky Adventures Guide


Originally from South Carolina, Dylan migrated to California after 6 years of touring the USA non-stop. Although he misses the hot and muggy weather of the South, he considers San Francisco the perfect place for bike rides, surfing and late-night Irish coffees.


SFYT Guide Eileen


A Bay Area native who’s lived and guided tours all over the world—from USA to Canada to South America—Eileen uses her California knowledge to search for burritos, salsa dance clubs and the Truffle man in Dolores Park.

Buddy the Van

Buddy the Van

Buddy is our road trip van. His loyalty and hard work gets us to best parties + events in America. He can pull is own weight—and ours—with ease. Buddy likes selfies, country music and the open road.

SFYT Guide Jack


A Texas boy—with the accent to boot—Jack uses his 5 years tour guide experience to help plan custom trips around Texas and California. Jack's interests include Volkswagen busses, Goorin Hats and growing his non-profit charity, The Jack Larsen Foundation.

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