Orange Sky Adventures San Francisco Skyline


2014 Campaign: Cats, Dogs and Mustaches

Orange Sky Adventures dedicated the month of November in 2014, along with many others around the world, to Movember. This year, we chose the San Francisco SPCA as our donation recipient—in other words, the needy animals of San Francisco. And instead of a trip + trek + tour, our male staff and supporters grew mustaches to raise money for the charity.

It was a sight to be seen. Our normal, hardworking male staff grew mustaches for a month, and oddly, judgments began to arise.

When we walked down the street, instead of a friendly smile and nod offered by most people we passed, a quick glance toward our upper lip followed by a rapid look away was the norm.

We swiftly realized this wasn’t 1980, and instead of people supporting our cause, many were apprehensive of our new look.


But it didn’t take long to start conversations. We’d say hi, followed by a ‘pardon the mustache’-type routine stating how we were growing our caterpillars for charity, specifically to help the animals of the SPCA, and people began to respond.

From normal people around San Francisco — a dollar here, some spare change there — to businesses around the city such as Sam’s Diner, Bob’s Donuts as well as the staff at the Adelaide Hostel, so many people helped with our cause.

Cat on Golden Gate Bridge

Not everyone grew mustaches, but they donated the amounts they could.

We assured them any amount possible was helpful to the animals. Even to donate pocket change was more than generous. In reality, people gave much more.

SPCA Horse Ambulance

We called in a few favors from our friends around the globe too. Many of them, after we clarified our situation (and texted over some mo’ selfies) were happy to donate.

It resulted in contributions coming from Germany, Australia, Canada, South America and South Korea.

After one Floridian threw in $200, it was official — we conquered our original goal of $500 for the charity.

Orange Sky Adventures Total Donation

We want to send a huge Thank You to everyone involved in the effort. Whether you grew a mustache, donated your hard-earned cash, or were part of our global reach, you can rest assured 100% of your doation went to help the animals. How much, you ask? We earned a grand total of $770.85, not bad for a small company garnering donations the old-fashioned way, by word-of-mouth.

And we couldn’t have done it without you!