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Ever Run A Footrace In Costume?

When you think of Bay to Breakers, especially if you’ve never been to San Francisco, you probably have no idea what to imagine.

Bay to Breakers is an annual footrace started as a way to improve the morale of San Francisco locals after a catastrophic event, the 1906 fire and earthquake. In a way, it was so residents of the time could exercise their troubles away.

The traditional race started from downtown — the Bay — winded through San Francisco and ended at Ocean Beach — the Breakers.

Along the way, people bobbed and dipped through the hills of the city. The event brought people together back then, the same as it does today.

But now the race runs with a twist. Instead of a normal race through San Francisco, most of the participants treat the event as a costume party. Think Halloween but more outrageous.

You can see anything from a giant centipede of runners, tied together trying to cross the finish line first, to Spider Man walking the race with no pants on. Anything your mind can imagine, chances are someone is wearing—or not wearing—during Bay to Breakers.

In recent years, though, the rules have become stricter. Alcohol is no longer allowed on the course, and alas, nudity is banned as well.

Of course, the rules are bent occasionally (how can you say no to Spiderman?) but for the most part, if you disobey the rules, officials have full authority to remove you from the race.

People are in the mood for a good time when they participate in Bay to Breakers.

If you happen to visit San Francisco in late May and are also looking for an amusing experience, check out Bay to Breakers for a boost to your morale. And don’t forget to wear a creative costume.