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Often referred to as the “other island near Alcatraz,” historic Angel Island is a state park and the largest island in the San Francisco Bay. Mostly green, the island is the backdrop of Alcatraz and home to a rough history of the Chinese immigrants of California. When you visit Angel Island, you’ll see there’s much more to the green environment than you expect.

In the peak of the Chinese migration (after the 1850s Gold Rush), Angel Island was used as a processing site for new immigrants, mostly but not only Chinese. Sadly, the conditions for the new residents were harsh. Not only were people held with no explanation for up to two years; they were forced to live in a not-so-friendly setting.

Today, the old internment camps still remain. They are a stark remembrance of the history of Angel Island.

You’ll most likely see the camps on the tram tour, along with views, other historical sites and the beaches. In total, your tour of Angel Island (included in the ticket price) is around two hours long, photo stops included. For most people (the ones who don’t appreciate history) it’s an average event. But if you’re one to enjoy views and history of a colorful island, you should not miss it.

You can even camp at the state park. Reservations are required, but you can wake up to views of Tiburon, Sausalito and the ring-ring of cable cars in San Francisco in the distance. In other words, pack your tent.

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Angel Island goes unappreciated at times, but the island, along with other places in San Francisco, can be the best part of the trip you might never experience. Why not take a chance?

Angel Island in mild fog

How Do I Find Angel Island?

  • Angel Island is located in the San Francisco Bay. It’s the mostly green, much larger island behind Alcatraz. Sometimes it looks like part of the mainland.
  • To reach Pier 41 or 33 from Union Square hop on the F-Line for an effortless ride down the Embarcadero (30-45 mins).

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Angel Island is a less toured location of San Francisco yet boasts some of the best views of the city. If you want to camp overnight on the island, give us a call!

Location of Angel Island