American South Tour with NASCAR

About Orange Sky Adventures

Our Mission

We’re a small tour company founded in San Francisco with one person and a tour van. We began so we could change how you see America. In the last few years alone, for instance, we’ve noticed a disturbing trend:

  • Travelers, through no fault of their own, rarely see the richly diverse rural parts of America and tend to cluster in major cities — New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Orleans — when ironically, much of the true American culture is found in small towns.
  • Large tour companies tend to follow the numbers. The coolest tour imaginable is often sacrificed to fit a business model. It’s done this way because it was always done this way. YOU, some would say, are a number.
  • Trip Advisor and other major review sites are NOT local knowledge.

So Orange Sky Co. began so we could do the opposite of other tour companies. We plan. We host. We eat good food. We ride comfortably. No tipping. No lame hidden fees. Not high maintenance. No drama.

Locals know the only way to see America properly is on a road trip with friends. So we plan our tours as friends and do a custom road trip each year, just like the locals do.

We may be a small company in San Francisco — but we’re here to go #BeyondATour.

Our Tours

Solo Female Travel to Yosemite

Small Group Tour to Yosemite

NASCAR Deep South Tour


  • We provide ALL camping equipment. Tents, blankets, pillows, sleeping bags and lamps — all you need to do is show up.
  • We pay for food. Steaks, vegetarian options and chocolate s’mores cooked over an open flame — what more could you want?
  • No hidden fees. You pay the price and we take you. We’re not here to nickel and dime you; that’s not good business practice.
  • No tipping. Tipping is a confusing issue in America, especially for non-residents. Instead of worrying about the confusion, awkwardness and hassle of tipping, you can, instead, just show up.
  • Our groups are small. We don’t cram you into a bus like a sardine and treat you like a number. Rather, we go small so you can stretch out, relax and unwind. You can (usually, not always) have your own tent.
  • Our knowledge. In-depth knowledge goes a lot farther than spouting words on a microphone. To us, expertise means not wasting your time but showing you the top, mind-blowing attractions during your time frame here.
  • You’re a friend. We give you a tour just as we would for an overseas friend — a good combination of seeing the best sights and making the most of our time so as not to overwhelm.
And most of all…
  • We go #BeyondATour. We provide value, honesty and we’re real. We can show you a good time no matter where you come from.


Our Team

Dylan Orange Sky Adventures Guide


Originally from South Carolina, Dylan migrated to California after 6 years of touring the USA non-stop. Although he misses the hot and muggy weather of the South, he considers San Francisco the perfect place for bike rides, surfing and late-night Irish coffees.


SFYT Guide Eileen


A Bay Area native who’s lived and guided tours all over the world—from USA to Canada to South America—Eileen uses her California knowledge to search for burritos, salsa dance clubs and the Truffle man in Dolores Park.

Orange Sky Guide Jack


A Texas boy—with the accent to boot—Jack uses his 5 years tour guide experience to help plan custom trips around Texas and California. Jack’s interests include Volkswagen busses, Goorin Hats and growing his non-profit charity, The Jack Larsen Foundation.

Buddy the Van

Buddy the Van

Buddy is our road trip van. His loyalty and hard work gets us to best parties + events in America. He can pull is own weight—and ours—with ease. Buddy likes selfies, country music and the open road.


Oleh, Ukraine

“It’s the easiest way to get the most of Yosemite park. You don’t need to think about anything, just enjoy your adventure!”

Amber, Australia

“Super awesome trip and business! Great atmosphere, great food, great people. Would 100% recommend for anyone who wants to experience Yosemite in a comfortable, safe and fun, yet still adventurous environment. I don’t think you would find a better tour anywhere else, couldn’t say a bad word about Orange Sky and my time in Yosemite.”

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