Guided Yosemite Hiking Tour

Yosemite Wilderness Hikes

Lace up your boots and stretch your legs for our Yosemite Wilderness Hike, our all-inclusive, guided trek along the winding trails of Yosemite, away from the crowds and into the real wilderness, where few tourists go.

We provide your entire camping setup from rucksack to meals to water filtration system — along with your ride to and from San Francisco — for four days of hiking and hanging out with friends, sharing a memorable experience of a lifetime.

Our Tour Highlights:

  • All equipment included — everything (just bring your clothes + footwear)
  • A down-to-earth trip leader and host
  • Ride with others in your peer group (ages 18 – 30’s)

  • No lame hidden fees — NONE!
  • No tipping!
  • The benefit of supporting a small tour company


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Tour Van and Camping


Dine on the ultimate wilderness fare and learn how a true nature aficionado camps. Come hungry + happy and you’ll be pleased, even you vegetarians.

Events + Inclusions:

Almost everything is included in your tour price. The only thing you’ll pay for is dinner on Night 1 (around $20) and your meal once we return from the woods.


Our Yosemite Wilderness Hike is designed for those with little gear. We provide everything you need for a successful wilderness trek, including tent, mattress, and sleeping setup. Just bring your healthy legs and a good attitude, and be ready to hike into the woods of one of the most well-known and beloved parks in the world.

*Note: This tour is designed for someone who is healthy and sporty. You needn’t be a gymnast, but you do need the athleticism to hike 5 – 16 km per day (3-10 miles) carrying a 20-kilo (40 lbs.) backpack. In other words, plan to hike several miles into the woods and return under your own power. This is not your granddad’s camping trip.


Day 1: Depart for Yosemite

Hop on board our Orange Sky van for a ride across California, where we’ll pick up any last-minute items and arrive in Yosemite around noon. We’ll show you the best parts of the “touristy” Yosemite such as Half Dome and El Capitan, and enjoy an outdoor picnic lunch while we double-check our hiking setup.

Day 2: Explore Yosemite’s Trails

Rise and shine to the sounds of birds and pristine nature. Take time for a hearty breakfast with dark coffee, because today we hike. After a full day of trekking through evergreens, near waterfalls and granite domes, you’ll happily soak your feet (or entire body) in Yosemite’s welcoming waters.

Day 3: The Real Yosemite

Today you’ll wake up to another wilderness breakfast, cooked to your desire, with another day of hiking under fragrant branches and over majestic mountains. Breathe it. Hear it. Enjoy it. You are sharing what few Yosemite visitors ever experience.

Day 4: Finish our Yosemite Hike + Return to San Francisco

Our milky-way nights are over as we trek the final leg of our journey out of the Yosemite backcountry and return to society. We arrive in San Francisco happy, limber, and ready for a hot bubble bath.

The best way to approach our Yosemite Wilderness Hike is to not overthink it. Come ready to hike with a positive attitude and a desire to see Yosemite in an authentic way — with old or new friends by your side and no phone signal — and learn how to support yourself in the backcountry like Yosemite’s pioneers. It’s what camping with friends is all about!

Due to the nature of the trip, each passenger is screened for safety — to talk about injuries, duties, and skills needed to safely hike in the Yosemite backcountry. We are about showing you the true Yosemite; a respect for nature, however, is a must. One poor choice can put your group or guide in danger.

A credit card is needed before departure, along with a mandatory safety and gear meeting the day before we leave.

Otherwise, relax, and let’s go experience the Yosemite few ever do!

**Attention: Many factors, such as traffic, bad weather, wildlife, road construction, fire, or rock falls may reroute our itinerary based on safety considerations. If that happens, please be ready to be flexible and roll with the punches.



Alex Female Solo Traveller Yosemite Review
Alex, Australia
Beccy England Female Traveller
Beccy, England
Jannik California Tour Review
Jannik, Germany
Alex Female Solo Traveller Yosemite Review
Alex, Australia

Alex, Australia

“For anyone looking at any other companies, stop – Orange Sky is incredible and I wouldn’t have wanted the trip any other way!!”

Beccy England Female Traveller
Beccy, England

Beccy, England

“After 3 months of traveling this has by far been the best tour I have been on! AMAZING.”

Jannik California Tour Review
Jannik, Germany

Jannik, Germany

“It was just like a road trip with friends. Met amazing people there and Yosemite is just impressive! If you have the chance to go on a tour with Dylan, you have to do it!”

Single Male on Orange Sky Adventure
Lukos, Austria

Lukos, Austria

“For me, it was the best thing ever to be on a “tour” like this. That’s the best about Orange Sky – the authenticity!”

Kylie Single Female Traveller California Tour Review
Kylie, Australia

Kylie, Australia

“I made a last minute decision to change plans and go on a 3 day trip to Yosemite instead of a 1 day tour and it was by far the BEST decision I have ever made. Take the extra days.. It is worth it!!”

Ukraine Review Yosemite Camping Tour
Vitaliy, Ukraine

Vitaliy, Ukraine

“If you want to explore nature around CA without worrying about anything, book your next trip with Orange Sky Co.”

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