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Welcome to the Crew

Who Is An Orange Sky Member?

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A member is anyone who’s gone on a tour with us before, whether camping in Yosemite, partying @ NASCAR, or rockin’ out on our Coachella Tour — anyone who has been part of our road-trip-with-friends team at any time since Orange Sky’s inception.

On top of that, anyone who is a friend of an individual who has gone on one of our trips (and can prove it by having your friend email us and personally vouch for you), is welcomed into our club. You have a discounted rate for life and, as long as you’re not a jerk, are part of the family.

In addition, you are eligible for our Invitation-Only Tours, when we road trip, research and explore as friends to places in America tour groups don’t typically go and probably never will go. Road trips are about new adventures with friends and not always following a minute-by-minute schedule. We like to meet and party in new spots, and will do so whether we’re on a tour or not.

A crewmember to us is a friend, one who cares more about the group than for themselves.

Yosemite Guided Hike with Friends

Why Else A Membership?

Why not? As a small tour company, we appreciate your trust in us to trade your hard-earned dollars in exchange for our Trips + Treks + Tours. We would be nowhere without your help, and our brand, this crew would be non-existent without you. Thank you!

We’re not saying you should reserve the same tour again. Not hardly. Instead, we say on your next trip — on your way to New York, Canada or anywhere else — consider stopping by San Francisco to say hello and go more in-depth with us.

Instead of repeating your Yosemite Camping Tour, let us provide your gear and hike you to the top of Half Dome. Have you ever ridden in the back of a monster truck? You can do this when you meet friends here, and our job as hosts of America is to show you the possibilities, even for a large private group.

The world is enormous and there are many places you can go, from India to South America to Scandinavia and beyond. But America offers more road trip possibilities than you can imagine, and we want to continue to show you parts of our country we love.

If you’re not a crewmember, no sweat. Come on a tour with us and you will be.

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