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Burning Man Artwork

No Burning Man Tours From Us

Why We Don’t Offer Burning Man Tours Burning Man is a festival that was created to get away from the system. By system, we mean […]

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Balmy Alley Rainbow Mural

7 Cool Graffiti + Street Art Locations in San Francisco

Culture Contains the Seed of Resistance that Blossoms into the Flower of Liberation © 1984 by Miranda Bergman Balmy Alley (The Mission) Balmy Alley is one […]

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Solo Traveler Orange Sky Adventures

San Francisco For A First-Timer

The most famous part of San Francisco is Fisherman’s Wharf. Some call it hokey, but most enjoy its attractions, especially for your first visit. You […]

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San Francisco 49er Tips

What Pro Sports Teams Are In San Francisco?

San Francisco 49ers (shown above) The 49ers are the most popular football team in San Francisco. Even their name—the 49ers—was created as a tribute for […]

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Marijuana San Francisco Facts

Is It Legal To Smoke Marijuana In San Francisco?

We can, but we also need to be diplomatic in our answer. In no way are we promoting the use of marijuana. But we understand, […]

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Alcatraz Tickets for Night Tour

How to Buy Alcatraz Tickets

Locals know the deal. When someone visits you in San Francisco, you need to accomplish a couple of chores. You should educate your friend on […]

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Tour yourself Day 1 San Francisco

24 Hours in San Francisco — How to Make the Most of It

How To Plan Your 24 Hours In San Francisco For only a day in San Francisco, we suggest you do as much as possible. Our philosophy is […]

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Best View San Francisco Alamo Square

6 Best Views in San Francisco

Alamo Square (shown above) Alamo Square is the famous lookout shown in most ads of San Francisco. The Painted Ladies—beautiful Victorian houses, which is also […]

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Haight Ashbury Art San Francisco

How to Spend Two Days in San Francisco

To begin your day of sightseeing, you want a hearty breakfast. And the last place you should eat is Union Square. After all, the middle […]

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Wells Fargo Free Museum SF

Best Free Museums in San Francisco

Wells Fargo History Museum (shown above) The Wells Fargo History Museum focuses on the Gold Rush era of the mid-19th century, when San Francisco went […]

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Homeless of San Francisco

Why Are So Many People Homeless in San Francisco?

Before we begin, though, we want to cover our words. The homeless are people. But what’s happening now is the more fortunate among us are […]

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San Francisco in the cold

Why Is San Francisco So Cold?

San Francisco is a peninsula surrounded on three sides by water. The fog, created when the cool, calm air of the Pacific Ocean meets the […]

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Dylan Folsom Street Fair Drag

Folsom Street Fair For A First-Timer

Folsom Street Fair is the largest leather festival in the world. It draws 400,000 people interested in bondage, fetishes and public acts of sexuality, gathering […]

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Burning Man Distrikt

Burning Man In A Nutshell

Burning Man, a city built from scratch in the middle of the desert for one week of the year, is about art, radical self-expression and […]

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Grubstake Late Night Food

Best Late-night Food Spots in S.F.

Grubstake (shown above) Located on Polk Street, a more local area of S.F. for nightlife, Grubstake is a blend of a Portuguese and American diner. […]

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orange F-Line Car

S.F. Public Transport Tips for Newbies

As a traveler, your first opportunity for mobility comes when you land at the airports. Upon arrival, you can choose to book an airport shuttle van […]

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Emperor Norton Currency

Emperor Norton: The Historic Ruler of S.F.

Starting as an entrepreneur during the Gold Rush and losing everything, Joshua Abraham Norton fled San Francisco in embarrassment. But instead of wallowing in his […]

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Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

Despite the “Telegraph Hill” in their description, these vivid, boisterous personalities can be found throughout a few hills of San Francisco. Sightings have been reported […]

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Bushman Fisherman's Wharf

The Legend of Bushman

The famed Bushman is a homeless person who scares people from behind a bush. He’s known around the world for his antics. And if you’re […]

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1906 earthquake and fire aftermath, City Hall in background.

1906 Earthquake

Early in the morning of April 18, 1906, San Francisco started to shake as two miles off the coast, in the middle of the ocean, […]

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SantaCon SF Union Square

Enjoy Christmas in San Francisco As Santa

In 1994, the Cacophony Society, a group of individuals who create experiences ranging from pranks around San Francisco to what they call “meaningless madness,” organized […]

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Harvey Milk Plaque at Castro Camera

Harvey Milk: The First Openly Gay Politician in California

Originally from New York and a U.S. Navy veteran, Milk moved to San Francisco in 1972 and started Castro Camera in The Castro, one of […]

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420 in Golden Gate Park

4/20 Festival In Golden Gate Park

San Francisco, of course, is known for the hippie movement. In the summer of 1967, more popularly tagged as the Summer of Love, thousands of […]

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Angel Island Prison

Chinese Exclusion Act

During the California Gold Rush, in the mid-19th century, when the Chinese first came to America (mostly through San Francisco), very few people had a […]

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San Francisco Hostels and More

California Hostels San Francisco Adelaide Hostel Amsterdam Hostel Fitzgerald Hotel Green Tortoise HI City Center (Ellis Street) HI Fort Mason (Fisherman’s Wharf) HI Mason Street […]

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San Francisco Tour Companies

Walking Tours Wild SF Tours Emperor Norton Free Tours by Foot Victorian House Tours San Francisco City Guides Bike Tours Blazing Saddles Alcatraz Bikes Dylan’s […]

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Ever Run A Footrace In Costume?

Bay to Breakers is an annual footrace started as a way to improve the morale of San Francisco locals after a catastrophic event, the 1906 […]

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