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Do Normal People Attend Coachella?

We know it might be a strange question to ask, being that what is the definition of normal? Does it mean you cut your hair a certain way? Wear a specific style of fashion? Why do we need to worry about what other people think, so we can fit in?

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There is also a fine line between being normal and boring. In our experience, the ones who are most interesting are the ones who have lived a life unlike others — a life their own, and they are proud of it. Or maybe they went through something in life we can learn from. Each of us has a different story and that’s the beauty of the world.

To us, normal means making others feel comfortable, and giving everyone no matter who you are, a chance. And if we can use our skills and California connections to help you do something you’ve always wanted to do such as attending Coachella with new friends, and feel comfortable about it, by golly we’re gonna do it. However at the same time, if you want to attend Coachella alone and just use our information and website to help you plan your visit, we’re alright with that too.

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Music Is Why We Show Up

Let’s be real. If world-famous acts were not performing at Coachella, not many of us would be traveling from all over the world to the middle of the desert to meet. We’d all be preaching the “I don’t like the lineup” speech or some other excuse on how not to attend. However with performers like Calvin Harris, Rage Against the Machine or Beyonce, it’s another story. Something has to draw us here, and for Coachella, that draw is music –the linchpin that holds it all together.

And for everyone their taste in the music is different. Maybe it’s a headliner they want to see, or maybe a few of the bands in smaller print are more their style. Or the Russian band. Or maybe it’s something totally different like hoping to see your favorite celebrity while watching a show.

That, in our opinion, is the beauty of going with a private group to Coachella. Everyone has a different taste, and there is bound to be someone who wants to see the same band as you. Is there anything more normal than that?

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Fashion to the Nines

Others like to attend Coachella for fashion. Yes, the music might be the theoretical cake, but wearing your new outfit, one which you’ve been waiting to showcase for months, is the icing on top. For some, it’s even the cherry and sprinkles on top, with and a second-helping too. What better opportunity than to unleash your new threads than at Coachella?

In our experience, from speaking with friends and different folk about the subject of fashion, it’s a love/ hate relationship for most. Some are either totally into it, or they aren’t. What matters, though, is that nobody judges you for or for not participating in a “correct” outfit. Everyone does what makes them happy and that’s about it, which ironically, is not always what you see on Instagram before you arrive.

For us? We come prepared. We bring full-size mirrors for our campsite, extra scarves and even a few fanny packs for anyone who may have forgotten theirs. But do we dress up? Most of the time, we wear what’s comfortable. How much we care depends on how hungover we are from the night before. One thing’s for sure: we make sure to impress nobody but ourselves. If nobody agrees with our outfit, that’s their problem and does not affect us. Once the sun goes down nobody sees what anyone wears, anyways.

Are you beginning to feel the vibe that Coachella is not as intimidating as you imagine?

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Get Away From Work

Normal in the world usually means working to save up for a goal. Not all of us are blessed with doing whatever we want whenever we want, and most, from celebrities to average Joes, need to work to pay the bills. Coachella, luckily, is our chance to get away from our bosses (most of us, anyways), and we can all relate in that manner.

Coachella is at the end of winter as well, when most of us have cabin fever from being inside most of the year. We venture to the west coast of California and the desert as a freeing escape. And with Coachella as the first major festival of the American summer season, there is no better way to experience it than on a road trip with friends to see bands for a few days.

You can drink alcohol or not. Party and dance or not, or just lounge by the pool in the mornings before shows. We all worked to get here, now let’s enjoy it away from the rules of our jobs, the way life should be. Nothing abnormal about that.

Do normal people attend coachella?

You’d Be Surprised

When 100,000 people from around the globe gather in one location you are bound to meet others with a similar mindset as you. Whether that’s at the bar, around your campsite, at the front row of your favorite show or while exploring the Coachella artwork, is up to you. Who knows, maybe you’ll run into someone from your hometown (it happens). Or another who likes your shoes. Or maybe you have the same taco stain on your shirt as someone else (this happens too). And if you do not find someone the same? Great, that means you are original, what so many people in the western world are striving to be, and you should be proud of that.

Really, you’ll see that a smile, good vibes and a willingness to say hello will take you a long way here. For many it’s their first time at Coachella, and although they might not be saying it, they may feel the same as you. If you say hello you can possibly calm their nerves and make a new friend, if only for the weekend. And if not, and you make a fool of yourself, who cares? You’ll probably never see them again, anyways.

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Cross Off The Coachella Bucket List

There are certain moments in history that you just had to be there for and in 1969 that moment was none other than a music and arts festival called Woodstock. Not only was it a life changing experience for those in attendance, especially since many of them were young men and women with their whole lives ahead of them, it was also quite a show to watch from home.

And what a show it was! It had everyone from Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Carlos Santana, who are now known as legends of today. Of course there were some hardships like rain and how they would feed guests with food supplies low, but it was a memorable experience nonetheless. In fact, it is still even talked about in history books today as the end of generation’s innocence.

With that being said, Coachella is very similar to what Woodstock was back in the day. It is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life, a moment in history which has the potential to be great. You never know, however, when the vibe will be gone. When you attend Coachella, even alone, you are taking part in a moment in history.

Maybe it’s not exactly on the same level as an event like Woodstock, but it is still something that you’re going to remember forever. Think about how powerful that is and how jovial you’ll feel knowing you took a chance on the experience. Why let your feelings of what’s normal/ abnormal convince you to not go?

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Why Let Others Stop You?

There is a strange connection between attendees at festivals, whether it’s Coachella, Tomorrowland or NASCAR. The normal barriers of the world are broken down and we are able to relate on another level with one-another whether over music, being at the same campsite or appreciating each other’s fashion. We are able to connect on the same experience away from the normal distractions of the world.

When you attend Coachella, even if you go alone, there is no type of person you’re “supposed” to be besides yourself. There will be people from all around the world here, and just like most people, they have compassion, smile, laugh and feel emotions. We are alike in so many ways.

You’d be surprised at the friends you can make at Coachella with just a smile and a willingness to open up. Just remember to act normal.