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Coachella Travel Tips

Coachella Camping Alone

Why Planning For Coachella Is A Pain in the Butt

What do I pack? How much do I pack? How many days should I give myself to travel? Should I go sightseeing in California along […]

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Original Coachella Outfit Cost

Do Normal People Attend Coachella?

There is also a fine line between being normal and boring. In our experience, the ones who are most interesting are the ones who have […]

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Welcome to Coachella Tour

How to Get From Los Angeles to Coachella

Even Finding Accommodations Can Be a Challenge Do you want to stay in a hotel? Camp? How far away from the actual festival do you […]

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Ride from Los Angeles to Coachella 2019

Why is Coachella So Expensive?

Your Beginning Coachella Prices Does Coachella really crush you when it comes to finances? Those who frequent the famous music/art festival might agree, with prices […]

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Best Food Coachella Camping

How to Find Last-Minute Coachella Tickets

And, unfortunately, many fellow travelers ditch their Coachella (and California) plans because of it, leaving you to attend the festival alone, and to scramble for […]

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