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How to Find Last-Minute Coachella Tickets

“Are you doing Coachella this year?”

“I really want to, but tickets are sold out.”

Sadly, it’s an all-too-typical scenario as the dates for the world-famous music festival approach.

And, unfortunately, many fellow travelers ditch their Coachella (and California) plans because of it, leaving you to attend the festival alone, and to scramble for last-minute Coachella accommodations by yourself.

But now, with the latest technology at our fingertips, the pain of going ticketless is history. These days, using our phones, obtaining Coachella tickets is simple — we only need to Google correctly.

The First Way to Find Coachella Tickets 

Coachella Tour Sunset

Let’s face it, Coachella tickets are tough to get. That’s a given. To solve your ticket-buying problems before they begin, Golden Voice Entertainment, the event planners for Coachella, offer the chance for you to buy wristbands almost a year in advance — waaaay before the lineup is announced.
But why would I ever buy a ticket before I know who’s playing?
Because most know that, even without the lineup announced, Coachella can be, and usually is, epic. Whether because of up-and-coming bands, art installations or fashion shots, there is always something to do and see.
Ride from Los Angeles to Coachella 2019 

“I Don’t Like the Lineup.”

Coachella is a major music festival, one designed to be more than headliners. While a headliner is on the Coachella Stage, four other stages are presenting music and bands simultaneously.
Bands can be in the Mojave Tent, DJ’s in the Sahara or a surprise guest could be performing in a specialty spot, like Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Diddy and others in the Heineken House in 2018.
You can even depart early and get a good night’s sleep to be ready for the next day — which can be 10+ hours of music and partying if you go all-in.
Do you not like the headliner? Cool, we hate ‘em too sometimes. But it doesn’t mean we skip the festival and miss out on Coachella and the Palm Springs desert adventure with our buds.
Coachella is more than just one entertainer or band. It’s about the whole experience — the sounds, the tastes, the smells, the views and the overall feeling you get being part of something so big.
And we know — a year in advance for purchasing a wristband is pushing it, especially at the price point. Really, it’s not for everyone. But if you are confident in your future travel plans and not afraid to venture toward Coachella solo — if your friends back out, which happens all too often — then why not buy early? Do you want to attend Coachella or not?
If you trust in the past lineups, you can solve your Coachella ticket problems before they begin. The Advanced Sale tickets can be found here. And the Coachella email notification signup is here.
Coachella 2019 Last Minute Tickets 

The Second Way to Buy Coachella Tickets

Another opportunity for tickets comes when the lineup is released in January. This is when Coachella goes viral. You see the lineup on Instagram, Facebook and even the local news. And a few days later, the tickets are released and sold out in twenty minutes.
If you are lucky and got a ticket — great! But if not, that’s okay too. Pause. Breathe. Hold back those tears, because there is always a way to find a Coachella ticket. So read on.

Available 2019 Coachella Ticket

There is Always a Coachella Ticket Available

Don’t believe us? Take a look.
One option is to look at one of the many Coachella Facebook pages such as this one, where other festivalgoers might be abandoning their Coachella wristbands. Maybe they were part of the early-bird crowd who changed their minds once the lineup was released, or maybe a family emergency happened.
There are always tickets for both Weekend 1 and 2 for sale on these message boards, all the way up to April when the festival happens.

But Beware of the Scammers!

Just like for Burning Man, the ticket prices in these groups can be sky-high or you can be the target of someone looking to steal your money. On the other hand, there are many honest people in these groups, too. Your best bet is to study each person you deal with and make a decision based on your conversations. Dealing with and reading your situation in person is even better, as long as you do it in a safe environment.
One thing to keep in mind as you deal: there is always a Coachella ticket available.
We all know bad decisions are made in a rush. Both parties need to be happy, and the trade needs to be fair in the eyes of both people. One caveat: There is no security in this type of dealing. If you are ripped off, that’s on you.

Going to Coachella Solo

Easiest Way to Score a Last-Minute Coachella Ticket

Our go-to way to purchase Coachella wristbands — and the route we recommend to our friends — is to buy from an online, secure ticket reseller such as Ticketmaster, StubHub or VividSeats.
The prices are slightly higher than normal — typically around $480 instead of $400 — but hey, you have a secure, easy and non-competitive way to find a Coachella ticket with very little competition. Easy, right?
Our Disclaimer:
In no way are we trying to take advantage of Coachella, bleed people for money or bring commercialism to the festival. Really, that’s the last thing we want.
Instead, we offer suggestions to make your Coachella experience easier, because let’s be honest — if you’ve never been here, your first time can be a pain, especially if you are attending alone. 
We do not buy tickets for people. We do not wear and promote our gear inside the festival grounds. And we have no affiliate links on our website. We only want to provide tips and the opportunity for an easy road trip and campsite with other festivalgoers, especially those who might be traveling alone.
If you aren’t into it, email your nasty comments to
The last thing to keep in mind for online ticket retailers is that many of them do not ship outside of North America. So read the fine print, call your American friends, and have your wristband waiting for you when you arrive. Like most Coachella wristbands, they don’t ship immediately. 
Coachella Camping Joshua Tree

Just Go For It. Why Not?

When you are booking one of the largest music festivals on the planet, your imagination wanders. And if you’ve never been, then you don’t really know what to expect. And the easy thing is to go with the norm and listen to what others say — “It’s sold out.” But really, to find Coachella tickets is a cinch.

With some research, a chat with some locals and some honest bargaining, you can attend Coachella 2019 with ease.