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Folsom Street Fair For A First-Timer

WARNING: If you want to be offended, stunned or shocked, please continue reading. Otherwise, you may want to hit the back button…

Folsom Street Fair is the largest leather festival in the world. It draws 400,000 people interested in bondage, fetishes and public acts of sexuality, gathering in one spot for a day of good times.

In other words, what you’ll see during Folsom Street Fair, might appall you.

For example, have you ever seen a person partake in animal role-play exhibitionism? Or sign up for a bondage torture act in public? At the Folsom Street Fair, these are normal occurrences on a public street in San Francisco.

Rather than feeling embarrassed, the people of Folsom Street Fair feel liberated by the gathering of leather aficionados.

The happenings are so shocking, as a traveler we recommend you A) Google images so you know what you’re getting into, or B) show up early so you have time to ease into the event with a couple of beers. If you’re someone who’s stunned easily, Folsom Street Fair may not be the venue for you. But otherwise, the festival is a unique blast and a good time!

No other place guarantees you’ll grow more as a person.

A dress code is not required, either. You can wear totally normal clothes or, if you’re the more adventurous type, buy any leather, whip or mask you desire at one of the many fetish and gear-toy showcases. Several people like to walk the event naked, too. At Folsom Street Fair, whatever your mind can conjure up is accepted.

From twisted performances to Spanking for Charity booths, the Folsom Street Fair is a not-to-miss, non-profit event assured to push you outside of your sex box.

You’ll create memories — and special ones — for years to come, guaranteed. If this is your thing, and even if it isn’t, why not join the kink and leather subculture, if only for a day?

Location of the Folsom Street Fair

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