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Orange Sky Adventures was created so we could show you America — why would we copy the other tour companies?

Our Yosemite Camping Trips

  • We provide ALL camping equipment — tents, blankets, pillows, sleeping bags and lamps — all you need to do is show up.
  • We pay for food. Steaks, vegetarian options and chocolate s’mores cooked over an open flame — what more could you want?
  • No hidden fees. You pay the price and we take you. We’re not here to nickel and dime you; that’s not good business practice.
  • No tipping. Tipping is a confusing issue in America, especially for non-residents. Instead of worrying about the confusion, awkwardness and hassle of tipping, you can, instead, just show up. We cover your tour tip costs.
  • Our groups are small. We don’t cram you into a bus like a sardine and treat you like a number. Rather, we go small so you can stretch out, relax and unwind. You can (usually, not always) have your own tent and you can explore Yosemite Valley at your leisure.
  • We know things. In-depth knowledge goes a lot farther than spouting words on a microphone. To us, expertise means not wasting your time but showing you the top, mind-blowing attractions of Yosemite during your time frame here.
  • You’re a crew member. We give you a tour just as we would for an overseas friend — a good combination of seeing the best sights and making the most of our time so as not to overwhelm.

And most of all,

  • We do America right. We provide value, honesty and we’re real. We can show you a good time no matter where you come from. CHECK AVAILABILITY »

Mark, Canada

Mark from Canada Yosemite Camping Trip Review “[The Yosemite Camping Trip was a] great adventure and truly personalized experience with total peace of mind: camping gear, travel, food, and a great experience all inclusive. This was a breathtaking trip to Yosemite far more unique than a traditional tour, I’d highly recommend”

Liv, Australia

Liv Single Female Traveler Yosemite Review “Awesome two days and a great way to get out of the city. Good food. Good company and you get to see Yosemite really easily without being rushed. Also a great way to learn how to pitch a tent if you’re not usually outdoorsy. Also, very well priced, compared to other single-day Yosemite tours.”


Dirty South Trip Orange Sky Co

Our Dirty South Trip

  • Our trip is REAL. We do The South the locals know and love. You won’t find a better tour to go shoulder to shoulder with residents or to experience Southern heritage first-hand.
  • We do major parties + events. We camp in Alabama for NASCAR and tailgate for SEC football, sharing each event with 60,000+ local friends. The world and your colleagues have no idea how legendary these events truly are.
  • Your tickets are included. We book and pay for ALL of your event tickets. Can you name another tour company who does that?
  • ALL your camping supplies are provided. Don’t worry about the hassle of hauling around your tent or sleeping bag. Just show up with your suitcase and let’s go.
  • We search for food. We hunt for the best food in each spot we visit. Have you tried shrimp and grits in South Carolina, Nashville hot chicken or New Orleans gumbo? You will.
  • We educate. We try to answer any questions you may have. We want you to understand, while making you ready for conversation with Southern locals.
  • No tipping. We don’t want to run a tour with the confusion of tipping us. We’d rather go on a road trip as friends and not pressure you. In other words, your tip is included in your tour price.
  • No hidden fees. You pay for your flight to Orlando, some Southern meals on the road and your nightly bar tab. All other tour fees—tailgate entry fees, campfire meals, transportation costs, nightly stays and wood to burn are all paid for by us.
  • You’re on our team. When you book a tour with us you’re an Orange Sky crew member. If you have a question or problem, we’ve got your back.

And most of all,

  • We own October. Feel free to browse America’s list of things to do in October. You won’t find a better collection of parties + events around. In other words, we run the best tour of the Deep South AND America in October. CHECK AVAILABILITY »

Hunter, Australia

Solo Traveller Dirty South Trip Review “I can highly recommend Orange Sky Adventures to anyone looking for an intimate and authentic US travel experience that the big-name tour companies just can’t offer. I was lucky enough to jump on Orange Sky’s “Dirty South” tour in 2015, and it was by far the best tour experience of my life.”

Dan, New Zealand

Dirty South Trip Solo Traveler “[The Dirty South Trip was] one of the most eye-opening, authentic and amazing experiences I’ve ever had. I got to learn the southern history and lifestyle, eat the delicious southern food, appreciate the changing southern landscape and meet beautiful southern girls! Highly recommended!”


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