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We all have our own idea of the ideal or necessary way to travel — alone, with a significant other or with a small or large group, and your touring experience should not diminish as the size of your party increases.

That’s why we customize our Yosemite and other American tours to best serve our guests. Whether it’s an affinity group, a corporate entity or any kind of community from any continent, it takes just one phone call, and we’ll begin to curate your private group tour.

It all started when private groups began to contact us, for a Yosemite camping tour or a road trip down the California coast while staying in hotels, or a combination thereof. No private group was the same, so why should their tours be the same? We quickly understood group leaders appreciated our stylish, new-age attitude and adaptability to meet and enhance their group travel experiences.

Today, we offer private white-label group tours for up to 50 guests, under our brand or yours, showing travelers our American home without the dreaded one-size-fits-all “tour” vibe.

Large Tour Operators

Worldwide tour operations can be a challenge to navigate when you are in an office all day. Instead of sweating bullets worrying about whether you are choosing the right third-party supplier, pick the one who can represent your brand the way you desire. A skillful white-label tour business with private guides should be able to adapt to anything thrown their way.

We can offer white-label tours of Yosemite, San Francisco, the California coast and more — serving all the way up to a group of 50 — and know a lot more of America beyond the Golden State.

Touring private groups in our home country is about diplomatically making them feel comfortable, whether they are amongst the farmers of the Midwest, where the corn may be growing as high as an elephant’s eye, or touring the skyscrapers of New York City.

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Corporate Tours

A sane employee can handle only so many hours behind a desk and still perform at an optimum level. Why not give your hardworking staff the gift of ditching their technology for a weekend of beholding the giant, majestic trees of Yosemite? When was the last time you saw the Milky Way (and we’re not talking candy bars)?

Think of our trips as an escape from the normal wear and tear of our technology-driven world, an opportunity to experience a hike in nature without the feeling of being on a Zoom call.

Hang out around the campfire, snuggle in your sleeping bag or keep your eyes peeled for bears. Resting to the sounds and smells of nature, away from the car horns of the city, never felt so good.

Travel Agents

Discovering a California tour operator for a certain age group can be a headache, especially when the tour needs to begin at the airport in San Francisco. Instead of pulling your hair out searching in vain, why not hire a private tour company that can offer California white-label tour services customized to your group?

Yosemite, San Francisco and Napa tours are all available, although we can go anywhere you desire as long as it fits into our guidelines of offering the best tour possible.

Our mission is to introduce international groups to our American home and make them feel comfortable whether experiencing camping, down-to-earth education or honest group interaction.

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Do you have a large community you’ve brought together in mutual interest online? Why not go one step further and bring them together for a face-to-face adventure, creating human connection between your group only the open road can garner?

We provide the paperwork, custom itineraries and expert guidance, so you can focus on bonding with your group as opposed to sweating the logistics.

Is camping in Yosemite not your thing? That’s cool. We can show your private group the California coast, Silicon Valley, get the wine flowing in Napa or do just about anything your brand chooses to promote. This can mean touring the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, witnessing a destruction derby, camping in Yosemite or even teaching other group members how to create a unique community as you did.

Expert, Private Tour Guides

Yosemite may be our main bag, but we can handle custom white-label tours for anywhere you wish to go in America, no matter what country your group hails from. We know how to create the right experience whether we tour California, Texas, Grand Canyon National Park or Boston.

Are you looking to show your group Southern California on a once-in-a-lifetime Coachella Tour experience? Or Yellowstone for some memorable geyser spurts? Our private tour guides can lead your group and make them feel right at home anywhere in America.

Do you want the best hosts for your group? Look no further than Orange Sky to be your teammates in sharing a wondrous experience. Contact Us Today!