AT&T Park


AT&T Park

When you take a scenic drive across the Oakland Bay Bridge, you’ll notice landmarks such as Golden Gate Bridge and the famous Ferry Building. Another attraction, though, (a stadium and lesser-known landmark for the first-time S.F. traveler) is AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants Major League Baseball team.

Located on the Embarcadero just south of the Bay Bridge, AT&T Park was built for the Giants, a baseball team originally based in New York City that moved to San Francisco in 1957. After the team threatened to move again over the decades, in 2000 the people of San Francisco raised more than $357 million in private funding to construct a new stadium closer to the city.

The result was AT&T Park, and after 8 years of life, it was voted Sports Stadium of the Year in 2008 by Sports Business Journal.

Features that helped the 41,500-seat stadium become number one include the online wifi capabilities of the park; the “giant” 24-meter Coke bottle and monster baseball glove in left field, large enough to put a sofa in; and the right field lack of seats, enabling athletes to hit home runs directly into the San Francisco Bay, dubbed “splash hits.”

Unique in the sport, the “splash hit” phenomena enables Giants’ fans in kayaks to pounce on the water-logged homerun balls.

Coke Bottle in the Outfield

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If you’re in San Francisco on the Embarcadero during normal business hours, you can book a tour of the 2008 Sports Facility of the Year. Or, if you’re up for more of a challenge (and in San Francisco the right time of year), you can watch a baseball game from the seats of AT&T Park. Hell, you can even rent a kayak and hunt for wet baseballs in McCovey Cove.

Have fun in San Francisco seeing and experiencing AT&T Park, home of the 2010, 2012 and 2014 world champions, the San Francisco Giants.

Public House Pregame

How Do I Find AT&T Park?

  • AT&T Stadium is located on the southern end of The Embarcadero along the San Francisco Bay. You can walk to the stadium, but many people use San Francisco’s public transportation to reach the venue.
  • Use public transportation routes 10, 30, 45, 47, the underground T and N or Caltrain to reach AT&T Park. The ride is quick and easy.
  • To reach AT&T Park from Union Square you can walk, but most people use public transportation to get there, specifically the underground T or N to avoid problems walking from Union Square.

Giants Baseball Game

Orange Sky Co. says:

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Baseball season for the S.F. Giants is between October and April. If the giants are winning, expect ticket prices to be high; if they suck, enjoy cheaper seats. During the entire year you can enjoy touring the facility for around $20 (without the baseball game).

Location of AT&T Park