Visit the Presidio on your tour of San Francisco.

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The Presidio

Created in 1776 as Spain’s northern-most outpost, the Presidio — meaning “military fort” in Spanish — was constructed to guard the only church in San Francisco (Mission Dolores) from Native American attack. Through the years as the city grew, the Presidio continued to protect the locals from foreign bombardment. But now — and since 1994 — the Presidio has been demilitarized and turned into a recreational park.

Sometimes called a second Golden Gate Park of San Francisco, the Presidio is a neighborhood and park with a militaristic-type theme. Since the fort’s closure, you can walk the miles of recreational trails, weaving through cannons and forts dotting the scenery, such as Fort Point, underneath the Golden Gate Bridge; or you can find some open green areas, including Crissy Field, and treat yourself to a picnic. The main point is the Presidio is an escape from the colorful mayhem and chaos of San Francisco.

The Presidio can be your escape from San Francisco. Find a time to hike the FREE open trails. You can also find parking here.

And if you want to see the neighborhood houses (which used to be old army barracks), you can do that, too. Some businesses have even contracted old officer quarters in 99+-year leases to help the GGNRA (National Park Service) with income.

What that means for you as a traveler is you can see the Walt Disney Family Museum or Letterman Digital Arts Center, home to Lucasfilm and the only Yoda statue in the world, for free.

The Presidio today is protected by the GGNRA and you can easily can meld a visit to the old base into your San Francisco holiday. The next time you view the Golden Gate Bridge in person, chances are you’ll be standing in the Presidio.

Presidio House

How Do I Find The Presidio?

  • The Presidio is located on the northern tip of San Francisco. It’s the neighborhood bordering the Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point.
  • You can use public transportation routes 28, 29, 41, 43, 45 and 76. You can also ride a free shuttle named the “PresidiGo” which you can ride from certain parts of the city. Their schedule can be found here.
  • To reach The Presidio from Union Square you can ride most of the above bus lines, the fastest being the PresidiGo from Drumm & California near the Ferry Building.

Orange Sky Co. says:

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The Presidio doesn’t have many large attractions. Rather, the Presidio IS the attraction, one you can use to escape the hustle and bustle of San Francisco. Go for a hike, ride a bike or play with one of the many historic canons dotting the trails. The unique housing style makes your photos unique.

Location of The Presidio