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Crissy Field, the northernmost green space on the peninsula of San Francisco, is a landmark most people visit in California. Usually on a bike ride to the Golden Gate Bridge, the majority of people pass by in a flash. But instead, we recommend you linger and enjoy Crissy Field for its strengths. It’s a spot for relaxation, socializing and a place of gathering.

Part of the Presidio land reserve, Crissy Field started as a runway for the U.S. Army in 1919. Over time, though, as landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge were constructed, the airfield was shut down due to safety hazards (those pesky bridges in the way, you know).

And, after a long battle with environmentalists, Crissy Field opened to the public as a land preserve in 1994.

As you visit the park (most likely on a bike ride toward the Golden Gate Bridge), you’ll notice Frisbees being thrown, dogs playing and picnics in full swing. You can join the laughter, of course, or, if the day is less sunny, you can browse inside the old airplane hangars, some of which have been converted to specialty shops. If you need a souvenir or want to go rock climbing, pop in for a gander.

Just don’t pass by Crissy Field like is not important.

Stretching from The Marina to the Golden Gate Bridge, Crissy Field is an open park on the shoreline of San Francisco filled with dogs, a beach and even a Warming Hut (which you might need).

Near plenty of landmarks such as The Palace of Fine Arts, Fort Point and the Presidio neighborhood, Crissy Field is worth a visit. You can enjoy some of the best views in the city here. What’s not to love?

Crissy Field View

How Do I Find Crissy Field?

  • Crissy Field is located along¬†the San Francisco Bay, just east of¬†the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s the large marshland and open green area along the¬†water.
  • You can¬†use¬†public transportation routes 28, 29, 30, 30x and 76¬†to reach Crissy Field. Unfortunately, only a limited number of public transportation routes head toward the Marina District.
  • To¬†reach the Crissy Field¬†from¬†Union Square¬†you can ride bus 30 until the end of¬†the line and start walking, or for an easier time, rent a bike in Fisherman’s Wharf and start riding.

Crissy Field at sunrise

Orange Sky Co. says:

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Crissy Field is an open green space which is a miracle of San Francisco. From being heavily polluted as close as 30 years ago, the marshland is now a retreat for runners, dogs, bike riders and one hell-of-a-place to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge.

Location of Crissy Field