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The F-Line is San Francisco’s addition to the cable cars. Traveling mostly on level ground, the F-line cuts a path between Fisherman’s Wharf and the Castro, bringing (mostly) non-locals around the city. And although it’s not as popular as the cable cars, it’s still a viable form of transportation for San Francisco, although slower at times.

Newer than you think, the F-Line was created in 1995 to enhance the post-1989 earthquake ground-level roadway called The Embarcadero. The cars, though, date back to the 1800s. In addition to their age, each car is from a different part of the world. Some are from Italy, others from Australia.

Even one F-Line car travels the tracks on clear, sunny days. Its specialty? —it’s a convertible.

Beautiful F-Line Car San Francisco Tours

You can learn about the streetcars from ads pasted on the inside as you ride, or, if you want something more San Franciscoish, you can look to the bay for (usually) stunning views of the water. Either way, you might have extra time on the streetcar. It’s known by locals to be the tourist-mobile, sometimes taking longer than needed to operate. The cause? Travelers who don’t understand the San Francisco transportation routine.

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But you should still use the F-Line. It’s a landmark of San Francisco and a fun way to travel, especially if you want to visit Fisherman’s Wharf. But when you return from the neighborhood (for example, to Union Square), especially at dusk, the F-Line might be too crowded for comfort. Use your brain and take a cab home instead.

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How Do I Find the F-Line?

  • The F-Line travels between two main neighborhoods, one being Fisherman’s Wharf and the other The Castro. The two main roads it rides on are Market Street (the crowded one) and The Embarcadero (the street near the water). 
  • To reach the F-Line from Union Square you can walk toward the Powell Street Station on Market and 4th Street. Instead of waiting in line for hours at the cable car turnaround, use the F-Line to reach Fisherman’s Wharf.

Inside F-Line Car

Orange Sky Co. says:

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The F-Line is a good form of transportation in a pinch, but more often than not it’s loaded with tourists on their way to/from Fisherman’s Wharf. The F-Line is slower at times, but sometimes a slower ride is good for the soul.

Route of the F-Line