Top of Coit Tower on tour of San Francisco's North Beach.

North Beach / Telegraph Hill

Coit Tower

Don’t miss Coit Tower, another popular attraction of San Francisco. Adorning the skyline since 1933, the tower, along with stairwells and paths meandering up to the top of the building, has wowed visitors for decades. So when you visit San Francisco during your California holiday, make time for Coit Tower. Bring your camera.

Portrait of Lilly Hitchcock Coit, San Francisco.

The city of San Francisco erected Coit Tower after a generous bequest from Lillie Hitchcock Coit, a local resident of San Francisco’s early years. Referencing guidelines to “add beauty to the city which she loved” upon her death, San Francisco settled on the design for Coit Tower.

Eighty years later, the tower still stands.

Coit Tower Sunrise

And when you visit the iconic tower, we suggest you take the scenic route. Any boob can ride the bus up Telegraph Hill, but real discovery happens when you walk. So strap on your boots and hike the Greenwich or Filbert Steps.

You may see pathways and flowers, or even a local South American parrot flock that calls Telegraph Hill home.

Coit Tower Shadow

Upon arrival at the peak of Telegraph Hill, you can pay $7 to visit the viewing platform of Coit Tower, or you can save money and enjoy 360-degree views from the base. Inside the building (and free) you can see locally painted murals from the 1930s.

That, paired with views of Fisherman’s Wharf, The Embarcadero and the Golden Gate Bridge, can put a wonderful stamp on your San Francisco journey.

Many people visit San Francisco and take the lazy route. If you have an injury or medical condition, of course, that’s okay. But if you’re healthy and in need of adventure, we suggest you hike Telegraph Hill for the good experience of Coit Tower. It can be a walk to remember.

Coit Tower mural

How Do I Find Coit Tower?

  • You can use public transportation routes 10 or 39 to reach the top, but we recommend a walk to the top via the Filbert Steps from North Beach. It’ll exercise, but it’ll be worth it.

Coit Tower Up Close

Orange Sky Co. says:

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Inside Coit Tower you can read about history, find souvenirs in the small gift shop or browse the painted murals found inside the base of the building. If you visit on a clear day (and the line is short) we recommend you pay to ride the historic elevator to the top.

Location of Coit Tower