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Billionaire’s Row is an anomaly of San Francisco. It’s one of the wealthiest, cleanest, and on a nice day, best sightseeing spots of the city. But because of its location on a hill, some short-sighted people think it’s out-of-the-way and too far from many of the popular San Francisco landmarks — in other words, too much trouble to visit for the average traveler.

That’s good news! It means fewer crowds, minimal tourists, and more time you can spend dodging people with guidebooks, so you can pursue your real goal: to find a bachelor or bachelorette billionaire.

Located at one of the highest elevations of San Francisco, Pacific Heights features some of the largest residential houses in the city.

You can enjoy views from all angles up here, and it’s a great spot for a Sunday stroll (or Tuesday, or whenever). One fascinating section, three blocks on Broadway Avenue between Lyon and Divisadero Streets, is more upscale than the rest, and different from wealthy sections in other cities. Welcome to Billionaire’s Row.

Billionaire's Row Security

Formerly called Millionaire’s Row, Billionaire’s Row got its new name after a number of tech gurus bought homes on the street.

David Sacks, one of the original creators of PayPal, owns a house here; Mark Pincus (ever hear of Farmville?) lives here; and, of course, no Billionaire’s Row is complete without the 3rd richest man in America, Oracle kingpin Larry Ellison. This, along with long-time area residents, such as novelist Danielle Steele (who lives in a 55-room mansion), make Pacific Heights — with some homes selling for a staggering $35+ million — a great place to say you toured in San Francisco.

Lyon Street Steps

All kidding aside, we could tell you the exact addresses, but that wouldn’t be right. These billionaires are just people who were able to do something big.

It’s only right we keep their neighborhood quiet and respect their privacy. (Lest you have bad vibes about the über rich, Larry Ellison plans to bequeath more than half his fortune to charity, more than $10 billion). So stroll the lovely neighborhood respectfully and take in the fresh air — and even fresher views — of San Francisco, as if it were your own.

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How Do I Find Billionaire’s Row?

  • Billionaire’s Row stretches (roughly) from Lyon Street — at the top of the Lyon Street steps (which are an awesome stairway stroll) — to Divisadero Street on Broadway Ave. If that’s too confusing, San Francisco is a city famous for 7 hills: Billionaire’s Row is at the top of one of them.  
  • Use public transportation routes 1, 3, 12, 22, 24, 43 and bus 45. Because Billionaire’s Row is a somewhat-remote hill, the only forms of S.F. transportation to reach the neighborhood are busses. You can also walk.
  • To reach Billionaire’s Row from Union Square you can ride the above mentioned busses (specifically bus 3 and bus 45), or walk there on your way to landmarks such as the the Presidio or Palace of Fine Arts. As an FYI, the walk takes around 40 minutes and involves hills.
  • Other attractions and places of interest near Billionaire’s Row include the Lyon Street Steps, the Presidio, Pacific Heights, Alta Plaza Park, Fillmore Street and the Spreckle’s Mansion.

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Orange Sky Co. says:

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Billionaire’s Row is a fun place to walk on a sunny day. The views are fantastic and the streets are rarely populated. It’s a neighborhood escape from a bustling downtown metropolis. And yes, you can usually find parking.

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