The Marina neighborhood on the San Francisco bay.

Marina / Presidio

The Marina District

Situated on the edge of the San Francisco Bay between Fisherman’s Wharf and the Golden Gate Bridge, the Marina District of San Francisco grew out of the 1906 earthquake natural disaster to become a classic young urban headquarter of San Francisco. Usually attracting a younger, trendy group of people, The Marina is a great place to embrace happy hours and nightlife.

The Marina originated after the 1906 Earthquake when several tons of debris were pushed into the San Francisco Bay marshland to be covered by the 1915 World’s Fair. Once the World’s Fair was over — only 2 years later — the now useless buildings were removed and replaced with residential housing. Locals started to call this new neighborhood the Marina Distict.

The Marina District was the unofficial headquarters for the boom and bust of the 1990s.

But because the new housing was constructed on past debris, which causes instability when earthquakes occur (which happen from time to time in San Francisco), the residents of the Marina District are unable to obtain earthquake insurance.

As a result, the residents of The Marina have become a wealthy, young population — typically not those who worry about earthquakes or money.

Marina Shopping

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So what once started as the marshland of the San Francisco Bay, and then a World’s Fair, turned slowly into a yuppie headquarters, adding up to one hell-of-a-time for shopping, nightlife and entertainment for your San Francisco holiday.

You’ll find nice people, hip restaurants and, if you’re equipped with a smile, you’re no doubt in for a good time. The Marina is top notch.

Golden Gate Bridge and Boats

How Do I Find The Marina?

  • The central locations of the Marina District are located on the corners of Chestnut and Octavia Streets, and Union and Octavia Streets. It’s where you’ll find people, shopping and coffee shops.
  • You can use public transportation routes 22, 28, 30, 41, 43, 45 and 76 to reach the neighborhood. Unfortunately, only a limited number of public transportation routes head toward the Marina District.
  • To reach the Marina from Union Square, hop on bus 30 from near the corner of Stockton and Bush Streets. You want to stand near the tunnel to Chinatown.

Palace of Fine Arts

Orange Sky Co. says:

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The Marina is the ‘yoga pants’ part of San Francisco, complete with a yuppie crowd of cool, successful and attractive individuals. The busiest spots are Union Street, and closer to the Bay, Chestnut Street. It’s where you’ll find brunch, shopping and coffee shops.

Location of The Marina District