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Buena Vista Park

San Francisco boasts its fair share of popular parks. They include Washington Square in North Beach, with dogs romping and the smell of pizza in the air; the Presidio open space, with cannons dotting the trails; and the mother of all San Francisco parks, Golden Gate Park. But has anyone heard of Buena Vista Park?

Labeled as the oldest park in San Francisco, dating to 1867 and once called Hill Park, Buena Vista Park, on the eastern side of Haight-Ashbury at the corner of Haight and Baker Streets, was renamed Buena Vista to honor the original name of San Francisco, Buena Vista.

But considering it’s NOT one of the more famous parks, most visitors are surprised at its large size.

And on your way to the top of the park’s 175-meter hill, after walking the winding trails with some of the only coastal oak groves left in San Francisco, you can enjoy a panoramic view of San Francisco while you breathe fresh air. Imagine that. Views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Marin Headlands and the Pacific Ocean are all there to admire.

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The Haight-Ashbury neighborhood is more than head shops and hippies lounging around the streets smoking marijuana. Places such as the 36-acre Buena Vista Park, with Victorian architecture lining the streets around it, are sleeper landmarks just waiting to be discovered by travelers wanting to put out the effort. On your holiday, why not consider becoming one of those travelers?

Buena Vista Stairs

How Do I Find Buena Vista Park?

  • Buena Vista Park is located at the corner of Haight and Baker Street in the neighborhood of Haight Ashbury. Look for hippies relaxing on the front hill of the park.
  • You can¬†use public transportation¬†routes¬†6, 7, 33, 37, 43, 71 and the underground N (to Cole Valley) to reach the¬†park.
  • To easiest way to visit¬†Buena Vista Park¬†from¬†Union Square¬†is to¬†ride bus 71 (around 30 minutes) or use the underground N to Cole Valley followed by a short walk¬†(30 minute ride + walk).

Buena Vista Park

Orange Sky Co. says:

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Buena Vista Park is best visited when you see no fog; you can see a panoramic view of the local neighborhoods of San Francisco. Although Buena Vista is good in the daytime, we recommend you avoid the park at night.

Location of Buena Vista Park