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Twin Peaks

Do you want to see the best, clearest view of San Francisco — the view most others would pay to see? Do you know how to get there? Or even if it exists? Well, it does. And with some proper research, you can view this place for yourself. On your trip to San Francisco, save time to visit Twin Peaks. It’s the large hill near The Castro neighborhood, at the end of the F-Line transportation route.

Twin Peaks is the tallest hill in San Francisco, save one — Mt. Davidson. But comparing the views, the winner is no contest. Not only does Twin Peaks have sights of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Financial District and the San Francisco Bay, the mountain is in itself a view. Unfortunately, though, the “Twin Peaks,” named by sailors (who thought the mountain resembled two breasts of a woman), can only be seen from the more southern, non-tourist sections of San Francisco, such as Bayview or Hunters Point.

Instead, you want to venture to the top of Twin Peaks for a better view — the incomparable sight of San Francisco.

Twin Peaks Curve

To find the hill, search for the Sutro Tower. It’s the giant metal pitchfork structure at the top of San Francisco’s (seemingly) largest hill. Once you spot your target, just keep walking up.

To reach the top, you have a few options. You can drive, which requires a car (and sometimes a long search for parking); you can walk, which from Union Square may take a while; or you can combo public transportation and a hike. You will not only see the San Francisco skyline appear as you ascend the hill, but you can easily visit lesser-known San Francisco spots (non-touristy places) along the way, such as the Pemberton Steps or Tank Hill, another great — and local — viewpoint.

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Do yourself a favor. On the next clear day you’re in San Francisco, shimmy over to The Castro, and after you explore the neighborhood, go on a hike to the top of Twin Peaks. It may take some time, but the view is worth it on a clear day.

Twin Peaks Tatas

How Do I Find Twin Peaks?

  • Twin Peaks is at the top of San Francisco’s (seemingly) largest hill. For much of the year, the hill is covered in fog. But if a nice day appears — and especially a clear night — we recommend you give Twin Peaks a visit.
  • Use public transportation routes 37, 33 and you can walk, or bus 48 and you can walk. The public transportation can be tough, but the view is worth it.
  • To reach Twin Peaks from Union Square you can ride the F-Line to Church Street, then ride bus 37 (from Church & Market) to the top of Twin Peaks (30-45 minutes).
  • Other attractions and notable spots nearby are The Castro, Tank Hill, Cole Valley, the Pemberton Steps, Corona Heights and the Randall Museum.

Twin Peaks View

Orange Sky Co. says:

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Twin Peaks is the highest view for the city of San Francisco. Unfortunately, though, because of fog, a lot of times the view is restricted. Visit in the afternoon when the fog has a tendency to burn off.

Location of Twin Peaks